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Thread: Time Lapse with premiere pro cs5.5

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    How do I make a time lapse in premiere pro cs5.5?

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    You make a time laps with a camera.

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    You take pictures with a camera, then you make time lapse on premiere pro. I have 1500 pictures and I read somewhere that there is a import mode that batches them together or something but I can't find the import options. I only can import one file at a time

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    Here's how to import image sequences as video: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 & CS5.5 * Importing still images

    You can import an animation contained in a single file, such as an animated GIF. You can also import a sequence of numbered still-image files, such as a TIFF sequence, and automatically combine them into a single video clip; each numbered file becomes one frame of video. Importing a sequence is useful for animations exported as a series of numbered still images by applications like After Effects. The images in the series cannot include layers. For information on layers and flattening, see the application’s documentation.Set the framerate for the still-image sequence. Select Edit > Preferences > Media (Windows), or Premiere Pro > Preferences > Media. Then, select a framerate from the Indeterminate Media Timebase menu. Click OK.
    1. Make sure that each still-image filename contains an equal number of digits at the end and has the correct file extension—for example, file000.bmp, file001.bmp, and so forth.
    2. Choose File > Import.
    3. Locate and select the first numbered file in the sequence, select Numbered Stills, and click Open. When Numbered Stills is selected, Premiere Pro interprets each of the numbered files as a single frame in a video clip.

    Note: Changing the default duration of still images in the Preferences dialog box does not affect the duration of numbered stills imported into a video clip. Each still becomes one frame when imported in this way.

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