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Thread: Commercial vidoe for a competition

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    Default Commercial vidoe for a competition

    Hey guys,
    I don't know if i am allowed to post it here but im gonna go ahead and do it anyways :P

    I usually make music video's for SWTOR: Prime Defense - New promo vid. "We are in this together" (SWTOR) - YouTube

    but i made a promotion video for a scooter (moped)

    If this isn't allowed here, sorry just delete it.. if it is, please share and vote

    Hey everyone

    I made a video for a competition to win a scooter (moped)
    Please help me out by voting for it:
    Electric Heroes - Be an Electric Hero

    Follow these steps!

    Please guys! I NEED THE VOTES
    I hope you guys like it =D

    I know its dutch but you'll get most of it

    Netherlands needs a nice forum like this

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    you guys liked it?
    any suggestions?

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