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Thread: Sony Vegas 10 Won't open spesific AVI files.

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    Unhappy Sony Vegas 10 Won't open spesific AVI files.

    Hey there. I just got Sony vegas 10 and I have alot of footage from video games recorded with FRAPS. The footage produced by FRAPS is very large in file size and has a slight dark tint to it. To fix these two issues I go through a process of converting the videos ( Here's a link of the tutorial I've used: FRAPs Videos Are Too Dark - Fix - YouTube) Which lowers the filesize significantly and solves the darkening issue.
    But then there's a problem when trying to get them into Sony Vegas.

    The raw and big AVI files FRAPS produces works fine to open in Sony Vegas, but the "fixed" avi files gives me the following error: " Vegas Pro 10 Warning: An error occurred while opening one or more files. An error occured while opening a codec."

    I've searched arround the internet and all people have said about this issue is to either download some Codec pack like K-Lite Codec pack, which I already have the latest version of, including the DivX codec pack even. OR convert the files with some shitty pay to use video converter into some other format. I do NOT want to convert my files any further to save time and I don't want to loose any video quality.

    I can open these AVI files fine in other video editing software such as Cyberlink Powerdirector, and playback is perfect on any video player. I don't think the files are corrupt at all.

    Can anyone help me with this issue?

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    Can I suggest:

    1) Abandon the FF-mpeg converter software - If you want to brighten the footage you can do so in the editor in the same way that this converter does it
    2) Once you follow step 1, You'll be working with a high quality "original" file from Fraps which is compatible with Vegas rather than a compressed "fixed" version that is incompatible.

    Hope this is helpful to you!

    ( if the video footage is too dark when you record it, Try increasing the brightness settings of the game? )

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