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Thread: Is the new Macbook Pro 13" any good for video editing?

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    Default Is the new Macbook Pro 13" any good for video editing?

    Hey! I'm a student and I want to buy macbook pro, it has:

    Intel HD Graphics 3000 with 384MB DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory, and 1280 by 800 pixels

    Is it good for editing?


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    Processor and ram are more important than GPU power.

    As for if it's any good, It depends what you want to edit, How much of it and how quickly you want it to render/export ect.

    What are you planning to be editing if I may ask?

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    I'd suggets a 13" screen will be a limiting factor. Consider a decent (larger) external monitor for when you're at home.

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    Macs are over priced, MacBook pros I personally think are good for just simple video editing. But getting serious, like after effects and Sony Vegas editing will need good computers for these kinda programs. I went to best busy and saw a computer with a i7 processor with 8gb and it was 700$, Mac had an i5 for 1200$! Macs iMovie is terrible. Consider going to known tech store to find good computers. I went to walmart and bought a i7 with 8gb ram, and it's fantastic with Vegas. But brand never matters. It's just what the computer that your comfort likes, it's not always about the equipment but if you edit anyhow, you always need +3 ram for good performance.

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    As they say "once you've gone Mac, you'll never go back".

    I have to say that a 13" screen is very small for editing. I have the 13" Mac for travelling or for quick cuts on location or in a hotel room (that sounds worse than it's meant) but there's no way I could edit a whole project on a 13" screen. Macs are not overpriced any more than a Range Rover or a Mercedes is overpriced, they are just different, ultra reliable and a pleasure to work with.

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    Macs are indeed more expensive than a PC equivalent. However, they keep their value significantly better than a PC. Take a look on ebay to see a plethora of 3+ year old MacBooks at prices on (or sometimes more) expensive than a brand new windows laptop. Once you have a Mac, you'll find that you don't have to "give" it away when you upgrade.
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    I just upgraded from my late 2006 MacBook to a new 13' MacBook Pro. Editing on the 2006 MacBook was doable, but it took forever. The screen size really doesn't stop you from doing anything. It just takes longer to do. That's pretty much the way that the whole computer is. Anything is possible, but it can be very slow depending on what you're trying to do.

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    To be honest, The screen size would be annoying for me, Way to small.
    Atleast 17" or so.

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