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Thread: All Tied Up(2011): Short Comedy Film

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    Default All Tied Up(2011): Short Comedy Film

    Short Film : All Tied Up
    Year of production : 2011
    Genre: Comedy/ Action
    Cast: Ant Richardson, Callum Thomson, Daniel Kenyon
    Director: Ant Richardson, Callum Thomson
    Writer: Callum Thomson
    Music: Kevin MacLeod

    Synopsis: A man finds his flat mate tied up and gagged in a cupboard with the robbers still in side the house. Instead of calling the police he decides to deal with the thieves himself.


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    Feedback always appreciated

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    he he, enjoyed that. sound a big impovement on this one... nice and clear with little backgrounf noise. music maybe a bit too loud ?

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    How funny, I watched that eariler....... Funny video, well done

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    Wow, I'm very impressed that you've already seen it. Thanks guys, I'm glad you like

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    Nice job fellas.

    Quick, simple, well stitched together.

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    I felt the establishing shot of the hostage could have been developed and presented better...still I loved the scene "Ok, what really happened" LOL

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    I really liked the establishing shot, but to each their own.

    Thanks, I'm pleased you guys enjoyed it

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    I enjoyed it. Reasonably snappy and I always admire your straight delivery - essential for this sort of work.

    There's room for improvement though.

    Most importantly, watch the delivery. I have played it back maybe a dozen times but I still cannot make out the final line. There again no-one else has mentoned this, so I might just have wooly ear. AHHH Finally got it!

    I found the early shots (prior to the dialog) a tad on the slow side. This may be because I had read your one-line sysnopsis and so therefore knew the setup.

    I think it could do with a second shot of the guy in the cupboard - we see him gagged but not bound. A side view of his hands tied behind him, between him and the wall, would give a good alternative. You could also have used this as an opportunity to establish the geography (this may be whet Mozart is refering to) as it is not clear that he is sitting down (with the result that the POV shots are bit confusing at first).

    The colour needs tweaking. Maybe some lights and/or a reflecter would help here as well.

    All in all an improvement in scriptwriting, acting and filming. Some nice camera angles in there.

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