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Thread: Uploading footage to my PC / Sony Vegas.

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    Default Uploading footage to my PC / Sony Vegas.

    I have a AVCHD Panasonic came with some software allowing you to burn to disc. Ive used it, it works, but is near impossible to edit aka at cut scenes/transisions etc hence purchasing Sony Vegas 11 plat.

    My question is, I originally uploaded to my PC via a USB cable ( had the option of uploading via the hdmi cable..aside from speed...would quality improve if i uploaded to my computer via hdmi?? )..thats the first question....So, i uploaded into my PC footage...where it actually went i dont know...well C: DRIVE AND DRIVE...and into the Panasonic burn package.

    SO, the real question is this.....I obviously have a choice when i upload footage to Sony Vegas, I can take it from my PC or more directly from my camcorder....would either be better quality? or the exact same? Worth me uploading to my pc again so to speak connecting my camcorder directly into the Sony Vegas package?

    Written far too many words to say far too little..but appreciate a reply...what'd you think...whats the more efficient method to ensure im getting the best possible quality of my footage when i come to rendering/burning my disc?

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    Answer = USB cable on camera or if SDHC then use card reader
    Use Device Explorer (CTRL+ALT+7) to import footage

    This means you import the original data files, so no loss of any quality

    See my tutorial here for Sony Vegas pro, but works the same as Sony Vegas Plat.
    Sony : Sony Vegas Pro : United Kingdom

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