Hi, I was not sure what to title this question. I need some help.

I shoot a ton of cooking videos using three cameras (sony) in my green screen studio.

When I shoot a recipe or skill and technique, I turn on all the cameras and just do the recipe. This saves me lots of time turing cameras ona nd off and stopping between bits of the recipe, because I do the whole production myself with a remote and it is quicker and easier to do it this way.

Unfortunately though, there's ends up being a lot of footage that is not going to be used on some cameras becasue I might only be at the cooktop for a minute but the whol recipe might take 10 and therefore 9 minutes from that camera isn't relevant.

As such, the files end up being huge and my editors do not live locally to me, in fact some are in other countries.

Up until now I have been shooting up to 15 videos at a time then sending the files via a hard drive by post. This is taking a long time and is no longer practical with the amount of video I am chruning out.

I will be using FTP to transfer the files, but I have to reduce them, it's taking so long to upload.

I could make the files smaller by splitting the footage and only keeping the bits that will be used for each video, but, I cannot do this in any editing program without then having to produce the snipped clip into another file format, which then affects the resolution when it's edited by the editors. They really need to be getting the raw m2ts files.

Ideally what I want to be able to do is split the video clips and only save the bits that will be used and send those to the editor, rather then a long piece of vision where only 5 seconds might be used out of 5 minutes.

Is there any way to do this and still maintain the original camera file which is mt2s on saving, i.e. not rendering toa produced file format?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

kind regards