Hi, I am a Newbie to editing video files but I have a problem with a couple of files taken from a DVR - specifically a Solidex dvr114, 4 camera security setup. The device can output both to a PC, has also a DVI O/p and also a BNC composite o/p and finally can record files to a USB key. The DVR is a Chinese made device and does a reasonable job for what it is intended for. <br><br>My problem is that I have an incident recorded on&nbsp; these files which is quite small in size relative to the overall screen size and is very dificult to pick out the detail of what is going on - the incidents are also quite short relative to the hour long recording segment.(Someone appears to be pocketing takings???!!!)<br><br>The files will play using the proprietry software supplied but apart from stop/start/slow there is no way of 'zooming' or capturing just the appropriate sequence.<br><br>I have taken the file properties from the PC and it shows the files produced are h.264 at 704x576 @25fps BUT trying to open them with anything other than the supplied software has so far proven impossible - I have tried a number of 'convertors' and AVS editor Quick Time/VLC/Media player et al among some others to no avail - just says file type not supported!<br><br>I have even thought about outputing the files from the DVR and capturing them (somehow?) onto my Nvidea card (DVI I/P) but that seems a long winded procedure.<br><br>Anybody have any ideas of how to explore further?<br><br>Thank you<br><br>Frode