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Thread: Using Facebook "newsfeed" and omitting the logos to avoid copyright breach?

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    Default Using Facebook "newsfeed" and omitting the logos to avoid copyright breach?

    Hi! I am working on a film that I intend to submit to film festivals, and there are some scenes that involve the lead character browsing and communicating through Facebook, etc. What I am planning to do is to create a Facebook bogus account, shoot the newsfeed while carefully omitting the logo of Facebook. Will I still be breaching copyright if I do this? If I am, any tricks up your sleeve that I can do instead? Thanks a lot!

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    You could try mocking up a word document or similar to look like a generic social media page this way you know you will be in the clear. However, (I am not a lawer so I don't know for sure, so don't take this as definative leagel advice). If you can not see the logo of facebook you should be ok. An other option is to email facebook and ask if they don't mind it's what the big movies have to do everytime you see a logo in a movie they are either being paid to show it or they have gotten clearance from the company.

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    Technically, You are using Facebook's code and software for a purpose which they have not given their consent to

    Better to create a mock PPT or word document! OR get their permission!

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    I've been thinking about this. Even if the facebook logo wasn't shown there are all sorts of other things that could be on the page Adverts etc. Even the browser would have a logo IE, chrome or what ever. It's an interesting predicament. I think I would go for mocking something up to be on the safe side.

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    How about the characters mentioning "facebook"? Or would that be even worse? Lol. The thing is, I hate to create a fictitious name in replacement of "facebook" since I am going for realism in my film.

    Also, I checked Facebook's terms and it looks like the validity of their allowing laypeople to use facebook for broadcast is only up to three years. Does this mean that my film can only be shown "royalty-free' within the three years that it's released? Darnit, all these legalities are such a pain in the arse.

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    IMHO. Legal issue have a habit of getting worse, at a time when you should be relaxing, having completed yr Masterpiece.

    If you create your own Site, this might have some artistic content advantages, maybe like an advertising jingle . . . which the characters suggest they won't be buying product...X. This jingle (or a close relative) might be used within the dialogue, so you exploit the creation.

    Later, when YOU are famous F...k will be paying You to feature in a film...

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    ^hahaha how I wish man, how I wish. I just noticed that as these social networking sites are getting more public, the more it seems that the public owns them. You hear and see facebook and twitter in the news, tv shows, magazines, youtube, etc etc. So should I just fck the legalities for now and just worry about them when my film actually gets huge enough to be noticed by these "brands"? lol

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    It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission

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    Quote Originally Posted by MozartMostly View Post
    It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission
    "I'm really sorry I raped her, your honour"
    Maybe not, eh?

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    That's a very good suggestion paulears! this could actually help in my asking for corporate sponsorships.. they could just appear as "ads" in my mock-facebook. Also do you have any idea how much I have to pay for the software person to build this for me?

    If I go this route though, do I also have to make a false name for my mock-facebook, or can my characters utter "facebook" in the dialogues? I came across an article stating pretty much that as long as the brand names are used in a good light in a film, it is generally permissible: Rights of Writers: Can I Mention Brand Name Products in My Fiction?

    I actually already wrote a letter to Facebook asking them for their permission, and they are now asking me to send them screenshots, etc etc on how I intend to use their site on my film.. I mean is all this trouble even worth it granting that I'm not going to use their "brand" in a bad manner in my film anyway?

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