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Thread: Short Test for a diy dolly Ive just made.

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    Default Short Test for a diy dolly Ive just made.

    Using a pair of overhead sliding door track systems. Basically just screwed them onto 2x1 and made a jig for sitting the camera into. Its runs about four foot long but I could join to it if I had another couple of rails. Might post a video of what it looks like, but for now here it is in use.

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    I thought that looked really smooth. Well done on saving your self a few hundred quid.

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    Indeed. If it works, it works. Nice job.

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    Are you going to show us the device.

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    I tried a similar idea using the same stuff a while back. Just wasn't sturdy enough for Z1 plus light etc, so went the steel linear bearing route.

    ...... but I reckon you could've tidied the kitchen before you filmed!

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    looking good there jb

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    Heres what it looks like.

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    Nice one Jimbob. I love the way you have a place to put the camera strap.

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    Cheers. It works smashing.. Only thing that I dont really like is the wooden look. Im thinking of taking it to bits and spraying each wooden part black and re assembling it, what do you think? If it looks crap after that then Ill have no chance to change it. Would prob just build a new one, I have plenty of wood lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Lockwood View Post
    ...... but I reckon you could've tidied the kitchen before you filmed!
    Lol're right mind. Ill blame the mrs. I never intended it to even be seen. I spose when its your own house you dont see things.

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