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Thread: First time music video (feedback wanted)

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    Red face First time music video (feedback wanted)

    Recently I was offered the job of shooting and putting together a music video for a local band, they had the concept in mind and myself along with a colleague filmed and directed the piece.

    The song itself is about how the majority of the population are ignorant to the truth of what is going on in this world and just believe whatever the TV tells them. In the song, taking a cheeky swipe at the UK Government's "Rendition policy", The band kidnap a television for terrorism reasons (in this case, lying to a population and spreading propaganda) and then torture it and eventually, well, why not just watch it !

    All the editing has been done using the latest Final Cut Pro X. Filmed on a mixture of a 7D & Sony Handycam

    All feedback is welcome!

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    It's a good job you explained what the song was about because I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying. AND I'm sure that's not just down to my age.

    I thought you did a good job with the video. I did notice a few variations of the grey scaling/colour grading/de-saturation, was this intentional? I thought the concept was good but found the narrative a little lacking in content. For example I felt you didn't fully utilise the drawing of faces on the TV. This could have brought more emotional involvement to the piece. I thought the TV POV shots was a good idea to have the TV FX on them. The main thing that separates this from a more professional video is the lighting or lack of it.

    Anyway down with bankers and the NWO, power to the people.

    Not a bad job.

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    interesting to have the anarchists dressed in the "uniform" of the system or "the man". I liked that.
    Like Midnight, I didn't undrerstand the significance of the differing gradings and wonder if it was intentional or not.
    Then again I'm ignorant of the truth and think you and Midnight are all conspiricy theorists

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    Then again I'm ignorant of the truth and think you and Midnight are all conspiricy theorists
    Very clever Tim.

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    I Loved the intro! Sick

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    I'm not a film-maker (yet), so I'm reviewing this as an observer of a music video, (which is what I do), the techsperts above can deal with that.

    Like Midnight, I too was excited about the concept, it's great to see a music vid that has a theme, they are rare so yay for trying something good.

    However I also couldn't understand a word, so the message was meaningless.

    Some nice touches, such as the reflection in the TV of the 'singer' (lol)

    As a watchable film, it was fine, you seemed to get the flow right. I was just so frustrated at not understanding the message :(

    I didn't understand the use of B&W, I was expecting some play on the fact that TV's were B&W once, and the video would progress to colour as the story unfolded, and maybe even the TV would morph to a plasma and become more powerful and escape - maybe that's part two?

    Using a cheap old TV looked cheap, but it had character. I also agree you could have portrayed more emotion from the TV's character. Using a porta-cabin as an interogation venue didn't realy add to any realism. The old warehouse would have been the stereotypical. But you get what you're given.

    My review was primed to be positive, but the whole screaming lack of information from the lyrics tends to make me just negative - it's kinda pointless having a point without comprehendable narrative, but that's not your fault - I'd say you did a good job here.
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