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Thread: What Bluray authering software

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    Default What Bluray authering software

    Im finding using Adobe Encore for bluray creation is a bit of a hit and miss affair.

    To an extent my external Bluray writer works with it but the Blueray drive inside my new system isn't even recognised by Encore.

    To be honest I find Encore a bit of a palaver for creating any kind of disc .

    Anyone had experience of a dedicated standalone Bluray/DVD/CD program ?

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    The only experience I've have with BluRay writers is Sony DVDA. This is a stand alone program. At the very least there should be people on here that can give advice about it.

    I'm not that familiar with it. I can make basic menus etc but nothing fancy. What I'm trying to say is that it has the capability to do a lot more than I use it for.

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    thanks for the suggestion MB. i downloaded and tried the trial version...... TBH, i find it a bit clunky it reminds me why i gave up on vegas. i may resort to re installing Premiere elements .... that seemed pretty reliable when i used it for burning DVDs.

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