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Thread: The Lucky One - 24 Hour Short Film Entry

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    Default The Lucky One - 24 Hour Short Film Entry

    Hey guys,
    FC here again wanting to share another short film we made titled, THE LUCKY ONE. This one was for a 24 hour film festival competition we learned about at the last minute. It was a hectic day and night but we got it in on time with 20 minutes to spare!

    This film is exactly 5mins (Contest rules) and we I hope you enjoy it.

    Also, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED for really just a few shots.

    5 Minutes

    The Lucky One (2011) - A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ] - YouTube

    We are now starting production on my first feature film, LIGHT OF EDEN.



    Also our main channel - fcrabbath's Channel - YouTube
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    Looks great, shame we cant see it cos its private.

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    Link is fixed! Sorry about that!

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    Update: We are one of the 5 finalists! Will keep you guys updated!

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    Default WAS great. Love the style of it. Good job. Heres hoping for the comp.

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    Why was he the lucky one ? Because he resisted in really killing the other man ? I'm slow.

    I thought the film had an amazing tone and atmosphere to it, the soundtrack was right on. I was a bit confused with some of the protags flashbacks with the woman because it seemed to coniside exactly in real time with the flirting and action between the woman and other man on the park bench at the same time...which took away from the pacing and feel of the film. If you don't win, this is why.

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