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Thread: Am I asking Vegas to do too much..

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    Default Am I asking Vegas to do too much..

    I want to edit approx 45min or so of footage taken from a AVCHD camcorder - although i will be burning to a regular DVD - and not all my footage has been shot using the 1080/50.

    So my question is, from what ive been reading, using Vegas 11 Plat, will i have any problems doing this..will it i asking too much from this program?

    Used Ulead in the past from mini dvd footage..and got the results i wanted..but from what ive been reading ..all this HD AVCHD stuff is harder to edit/more powerful computer needed.

    Finally, i have a 64bit machine, quad core...nowt too special though...but How do i know the program is running on its 64bit...will it automatically know this? I ask the past i can choose 32 or 64 when i use explorer..and not knowing the difference i chose either or.

    Advice welcome. thanks.

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    45mins is fine (or should be) I have had two hour ones in there for testing.

    Thee is a 32bit and 64 bit version on the site to download

    Sony Creative Software - Download: Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Visual Effects Suite

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    I don't think VMS HD 11 Plat. is available as a 64-bit version, at least mine was not?

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