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Thread: step by step approach for newbies..the dvd guides all very well but questions aplenty

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    Default step by step approach for newbies..the dvd guides all very well but questions aplenty

    Newbie here, just looking through countless sonyvegas questions/answers..all very enlightening...many still using ver. 10...have plat. 11 myself.

    Few issues, regards to bringing in footage into sony vegas. How can i guarentee i will get the best quality i can when i bring it in, despite different levels of AVCHD footage - ie, some stuff ive filmed at 1080/50 - other stuff isnt so high.

    A step by step approach would be beneficial. I get lost very easily when it comes to rendering..the process scares me - as feels very spend so long on a project..render and seems....each copy you take from this render...downgrades it a little....this true or not?

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    You are asking a question which does not have a step by step/black & white/Yes,no answer.

    What I do (which may or may not be the best) is, set the project properties for the best quality clips I have on the timeline. eg 1080-50i. Then some 720p, even a chance of 720 x576. I would set the project properties for the 1080-50i BUT I would only do this if I know the end video will be renered out at this resolution. If I know it's going to be put on a DVD I might set the project properties to Standard PAL widescreen. What you are asking is more to do with the alchemy side of editing where there is often many different opinions.

    A Standard rule of thumb is to match the properties to the footage you have. AND renderout at the same properies.

    What I suggest is put a small clip on the time line, try out some different render settings and see what you like best.

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