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    Default IOV Administration

    When the IOV announced that IOV Focus Ltd (Kevin Cook) was not going to tender for the Administrative Contract when it came up for renewal in 2012 but had in fact reached an agreement whereby he remained in position whilst a replacement was found, raised suspicions in my mind, as I'm sure it did with other members.

    At this point I believe that it is prudent to say that, as I understand it, the Institute Of Videography is managed by an elected team (the Executive Committee) who are responsible to the members for the efficient and cost effective management of the organisation. It is also worth mentioning that, again, as I understand it, in the event of financial difficulties the members themselves would be responsible for any debt.

    Not being privy to the contractural arrangements between the IOV and IOV Focus Limited I would suggest that if the Executive Committee, failed to insert a clause which protected the IOV and its members should the Administrative Company (IOV Focus Ltd) fail to complete the contract, then they are not acting in the best interests of the members. So I can't help but wonder what the circumstances are that made the Executive Committee allow IOV Focus Ltd to an early termination of its contract.

    One reason may well be financial. If IOV Focus Ltd is in financial difficulty then there appears to be a bail-out; if that is the case what is this bail-out likely to cost the members of the IOV?

    This years exhibition, the rights to which appear to be held by IOV Focus Ltd, is the organisations biggest financial outlay and, with what appears to me to be the smallest number of exhibitors seen in several years, you have to ask yourself the question, does the IOV and or IOV Focus Ltd have the receipts to cover the payments?

    It's high time the members took control of the IOV and elected an Executive Committee that were more transparent and sought input from the members whom it is supposed to serve.

    IOV Focus Limited Financial Statement

    Institute of Videography Financial Statement

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    Hi Mike - Long time no speak! As you know I'm no longer a member but it does seem cause for concern if, as you say, members are liable for debts.
    It's amazing what can get buried in small print and maybe there's more small print somewhere that discounts these concerns.
    KC does come onto this forum ocassionally so maybe he'll' come along soon and explain the situation in detail.
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    The IOV is a private Limited by Guarantee company. Which means it's members are the guarantors. BUT it is also Limited which would/should mean any liability would be very small if any. I'm not an expert at reading accounts but it doesn't look as though the IOV is going bust. BUT that's only figures are only up to march 2010.

    I don't know where you got the idea that the IOV would have to "bail out" IOV Focus Ltd is there something I missed on this issue ?

    I to was concerned when I heard about the Administration of the IOV (KC), to be honest it was a surprise to me that there was two separate organisations. On reflection that does make sense as the trading side could act like a buffer for the membership group.

    Looking at the accounts for IOV Focus Ltd. it looks like Kevin has acted perfectly honourably with the financial side of that company. It does look as if it is not trading as well as it did a few years ago. Again without current figures it's hard to know what the real situation is right now.

    I hope the organisation finds a good replacement for Kevin and we can move forward as a group with optimism for the future.

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    Default More to this than meets the eye?

    I have just been copied in on an email from another IOV Member to Kevin Cook, I quote:

    "You have probably seen this already but just in case you haven’t - it looks as if Mike Henson is intent on spilling the beans re the financial situation ‘twixt the IOV and IOV Focus Ltd (see circular note blow). You, or another Exec member, may wish to take pre-emptive action and go public yourselves before someone else puts the links onto the IOV forum.

    Presumably once the IOV publishes its next statement of accounts the balloon is going to go up anyway. All this should be debated well before the next Executive Committee elections."


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    I have to admit that doesn't sound good. I suppose we need to get it from the horses mouth..... We need all the information then we can discuss a way forward with it. If Kevin is going because the Focus company has gone bust then the IOV Exec should be straight with the members.

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    The IOV Executive more resembles a clandestine group than people supposedly elected (joke) to respresent the membership. It's time for a complete shake up and a new Executive Committee elected.

    If I may suggest, the best ting you can do now is to post a link to this topic in the Business Section of the IOV Forum inviting members to read and make up their own minds.

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    I've just learned that Kevin Cook is contacting the dvDoctor Forum to have my post removed. Wonder what will happen here?

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    EDIT - I've temporarily closed this thread until site owner can take a closer look. Not at all comfortable with the naming of names and allegations being made.

    I'm not a member of the IOV - and therefore not familiar with names etc - but I have to say since this is your first registered posting day and you do seem to have a major axe to grind against the IOV I'm not sure of your motivations. Are you simply stirring a pot for the sake of it?

    Surely the IOV has it's own place for discussing internal wrangles like this? Does seem like you're out to wash the dirty linen in public.

    Just the impression you give. Sorry if I'm wrong.
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    Having known Kevin Cook for a large number of years I cannot believe that he would do anything underhand with respect to the IOV. My impression was that a difference of opinions had emerged and he felt unable to work as he wanted, hence the split. He's always been straight and fair with any dealings I've had with him, so i can't imagine he would be any different with anyone else. It will be interesting to see if the new regime manages any better without him.

    Since Kevin is not a regular contributor here, it might be best not to talk (or write) about him behind his back eh?


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