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Thread: Clipping/Distorion in audio - hopeless case?

  1. Default Clipping/Distorion in audio - hopeless case?

    I have a recorded keynote with some awful distortion on it. Tried to fix it with some eq (low pass), noise reduction and a de-clipping plugin. Links below to a small (3mb) original sample and a cleaned up version. Any suggestions on how to improve it even more or is it pretty much a hopeless case?

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    You can't "unshit" audio. Think positive. Learn whatever lesson it taught you and try again.

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    It's like baking a cake wrong...You can't then suddenly make it taste like it was baked properly! Yes you can layer icing on top but "fixing" it really is a lost cause.

    Yes you can try to "clean" it up, But where distortion is concerned, It really is a hopeless case.
    Distortion normally occurs when the signal is being over-driven somewhere!

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