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    a short comedy sketch i did, nothing great editing wise really, yup im aware sound is bad but good news is im getting a shotgun mic of some kind soonish other than that im just looking for some feedback on the video in general, the idea and well yeh thats is although i will say its probably aimed at people who can appreiciate abit of immature humour. all that said ENJOY if you like it go thumb it up and leave a comment here PORK PIE! - YouTube oh and maybe subscribe haha

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    I was gonna post WTF?

    But I see you have a its brilliant.

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    LOL Jimbob

    When I saw this yesterday I thought to my self, I have nothing to say about this. BUT I was forgetting the beard.

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    Not much of a beard really. Only partially arty.

    The main question this vido raises is:
    How many people out there sit on the loo with their trackies still halfway up their thighs? Surely there's a big danger of splashback. Although I can see it makes a handy table for resting a book on (or a pork pie come to that)

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    haha well apparently the beard improves the vid although i gotta agree with tim tis a work in progress and yeh i was torn between using a paper, or just having pants partially up for the censor as i didnt wanna just stick a blur in there. anyways thanks for the comments :P

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