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    I purchased a DSLR yesterday (600d t3i) and will be shooting a friendís birthday party next week. I want to shoot at 1280x1080 with a Frame rate of 50fps. My question is shutter speed, should I be using the old double method which means I should set my shutter speed to 1/100? Everywhere I go I read different things but is there not a norm for this? The shop where I purchased it from said shoot 1/50 no reason to go any higher, online I see 1/100 (double your fps) and some forums even say 1/150. Please help. I just want to film the party and not come home with footage that is jerky. I would also to love to slow it down in post where my friend blows out the candles.

    Thank You.x

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    Why not test different shutter speeds on the camera and see which you like the best. I would probably start at 100 fps but thats often right for my camera in the right lighting which is not always the case for other cameras. I know I'm sounding vague, a lot depends on the look you want. If you want a big open iris to get Shallow DofF then you may need to go for a higher shutter speed. It's up to you really to do test footage with your particular camera and see what settings you need to get the look you want.

    Why do you want to shoot at 50fps shooting at 25fps will give you a less jerky look. 50fps will probably be best for the slow mo shots.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Mixing 1440x1080 and 1920x1080

    Thank you for the reply.

    I am going to mix my sisters footage with mine, she is using a Canon XHA1 and that shoots at 1440x1080@25p with a shutter speed at 1/50. I will be using FCP, either way I know that there will be rendering involved when mixing two formats into one timeline but I just wanted it to be as seamless as possible.

    If I shoot at 1920x1080@25fps and she shoots at 1440x1080p@25fps both of us using 1/50 as our shutter speed I guess thats the closest we can get it (along with the white balance)

    As for the slow motion I guess I could just record that bit at 1280x720@50fps with a shutter speed of 1/150. This would look great when slowed down in post.

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    Midnight Blue suggest you try it beforehand - that's really the only good advice you can get.

    You could put the camera on a tripod and try blowing out "birthday" candles - I would suggest though that excessive light might be an issue as the candle flame will be a small part of the whole image.... again tests are the ONLY way to determine this.

    Also focusing, when close can be tricky. You have two subjects at different distances.

    Ideally you'll need a small fill-in light (or mirror?) so her face is illuminated nearer to the same level as the cake (which will be v.bright being only 2" from the flames). Also watch the effect of v.low colour temperature. Candle-light is great in a Restaurant, but not when filming, IMHO.
    Trials beforehand will determine this . . . . . with luck, your footage will be so good, you'll not need the other stuff. When doing "trials" it is sometimes useful to include a card with the conditions written on . . . that way your clips cannot become confused-ever.

    The same goes for tests with the other resolution . . . can you get hold of some well-exposed sharp clips so as to test the Editing, processes?

    Apart from all that, enjoy the Party.
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