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Thread: Are you looking for freelance work ?.....heres a heads up... .....

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    Default Are you looking for freelance work ? ?.....heres a heads up ....

    Hi guys I recently signed up with this cool startup called "the web video company" Google -> "web video for business" did my first job with them, they are pretty cool to work with, they cover all sorts of productions relating to,if your looking for extra experience and some extra projects on your showreel then give them a try...the downside is the pay isnt spectacular but I guess overall its a positive exoerience and it pays the bills!.

    Still interested ? heres the link to get signed up on to their Db its free and they dont take any commissions and all that stuff Registrations | The Web Video Company | Web Video For Business ..good luck and let me know how you get on..

    Video Editor/Producer
    San Diego
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