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    I've just purchased a Glidecam 2000 for my PD170. Has anyone had any experience of using one? Any tips, suggestions etc???

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    Yes, I'm planning on writing a review in the next few days . However, read the instruction manual carefully - it's a fantastic tool as long as you use it as per the instructions!

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    Will do... thanks Marc

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    Be sure to post your findings both of you won't you. I've been considering getting one of these myself. I'm looking at the 4000 model though as it'll be holding my Sony FX1.

    Make sure you include a run up and down some stairs in your tests as well as an attempt at a low level camera shot which I'm curious about as I'm not sure it lends itself to this shot.

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    No problem... I'll keep you 'posted'

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    Yes, it works flawlessly running up and down stairs at a low level.

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    Well I've got it but I'm having some difficulty balancing it. I'm kind of thinking that maybe the 4000 would have been better suited to my camera. Although the guidelines do state that the 2000 is suited to cameras that weight 2-3kg and the 4000 2-5kg. The PD170 is 1.5kg so I not sure if the 4000 would be any better. Maybe it's just my technique???Has anyone else had a similar problem with a PD170?

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    Hi I have worked with Glidecam a few years ago at a trade show and I know the guys really well. I saw them all at NAB week before last. I think you may need a few extra weights on the 2000 for the 150 / 170 to get it just right. I can put you in touch with Tom the tech guru at Glidecam who I am sure will talk you through the balance. if you do contact him please say Dave from the UK sends his regards.

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    You can get great results, but boy do yoy need a strong arm to hold the thing for longer than five minutes. My advice is to put the weights on some dumbells and build up those biceps

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    To help with the weight problem take a look at these other products from Glidecam

    Glidecam Body Pod
    A lightweight rigid support system which, when used with either the Glidecam 2000 Pro, or 4000 Pro hand-held stabilisers, allows all the weight of the system to be supported by your body

    Arm Brace
    The first camera stabilisation system designed to distribute the weight of a Glidecam 2000 Pro or Glidecam 4000 Pro hand-held stabiliser over the entire forearm of the operator.

    I have used both products and they do work although the Body Pod does restrict up and down movements.

    Oh and before anybody asks no I dont work for Glidecam I work for Libec Tripods but I a few years ago I worked for a dealer and we sold Glidecam.

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