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    Not sure if this is the right spot to post this question but i feel like i could get my answer here.

    I used to edit mainly with adobe premiere pro for just quick basic little videos but I'm starting to get more into it and want to start incorporating stuff made from after effects and other advanced types of edit but I'm overwhelmed where to start. I'm reading as much as I can and there are so many different programs and so many that work best when paired with one another and I'm having a hard time starting from the basics. What to I need to know to decide what programs I should use to make what? I figured the best way was to just read but everything is advanced in in to much detail for me not knowing anything about other programs then just adobe premiere. I don't want to start learning a program and then find out I need to use something else for the edit I'm trying to do. Can someone point me to a post or site maybe about where I could find out which programs will work best for me? I plan to buy a tutorial dvd of the programs I start using too because I learn best step by step starting from the bottom and watching youtube tutorials just shows me how to do one thing without knowing what I'm actually doing.

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    A subscription to means you can check out tutorials for lots of programs that your considering and keep up to date with the ones that you use.


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