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    Has anyone used a Sony HX9V for motorsport video. was looking at some reviews and video's on youtube and it seems like a very good video quality. It was suggested to me before on this site and i never thought much of it till now. Is there any downsides to this over a camcorder

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    i'm a fan of the HX9V. used it extensively in my videos. spose it depends in what kind of price bracket your camcorder is. downsides over camcorder ..... cant lock exposure, no manual focus cant EASILY change/add filters/ hoods to lens, (though it can be done) no view finder, no headphone out no mic in.

    what it does offer is 50fps at 25mbs. compact, good battery life, ability to take OK'ish stills, superb high res panoramic still mode. superb optical stabilizer (beats mt SD700 hands down)

    TBH, the video quality is not far behind my Panasonic SD700 in decent light.

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    the no view finder might be an issue although i think i seen a made up view finder for 35 dollars..............Panasonic Camcorders seem to be a great choice as most people have them and swear by them..... Thanks for the reply

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    By anychance would take some footage of a fast moving car with your hx9v please. Mainly i will be following fast cars and zooming and also leaving the camera static and letting the cars run through

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