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Thread: A Dark Knight On Elm Street Teaser Trailer - comments welcome!

  1. Default A Dark Knight On Elm Street Teaser Trailer - comments welcome!

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    Way too easy to take superbly shot cinematic clips and not make a hash of it. I don't see anything challenging in this at all.

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    In the OP's defence, it is in the fan videos section.
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    Andy, it makes no difference how well the scenes are filmed, the hardest part in editing is making scene from various films fit together, now im gonna guess you have never done any editing in your life otherwise you wouldnt be making such stupid remarks like that, its idiots like you who dont appreciate how much time and hard work goes into these edits

    I bet you were the same guy who slated something I posted a year back as well, but as long as the scene looks nice thats all that matters isnt it

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    Quote Originally Posted by solyentbrak1 View Post
    It makes no difference how well the scenes are filmedit
    These scenes have been scripted, directed, shot and edited on a multi-million pound budget. It's child's play to piece together something that looks good based on this start point. Most posters here, including Andy, are highly talented in a range of skills - just one of these is the actual edit.

    I'm happy for you guys to have a forum dedicated to fan videos. But it's kept separate as the user videos section is for original content. Try your hand at creating original video and you'll understand the difference.

    I don't doubt the effort you put into creating these videos. But the reall challenge could be to take a hollywood production and make it look like a home video!
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    I'm on your side heres olyentbrak1 I can see you've put a lot into that trailer and I like it, it felt like one film, I'd like to see more of your movie mash ups

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    I'm new here but I enjoyed the video editing. Nice job

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