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Thread: Just finished a video about the future of space travel! What do you think?

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    Lightbulb Just finished a video about the future of space travel! What do you think?

    Hey guys! Just finished a video about my vision of the future of space travel! If you have a moment check it out! Comments and criticism is welcome!

    It is for a contest, so if you liked it feel free to vote for it!

    Thanks everyone!

    And just in case you wonder, I used:
    After Effects
    Maya 2012
    and other small programs.

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    Very nice, slick job. You'd think in the future they'd have sorted out flickering video links though wouldn't you.....

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    Way better than I have ever done. Animation wise.

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    That's a pretty vid you have created. Love the overviews of Mars and your old style TV broadcasts - they work really well. My only crit is that I think the cloud layer on your Earth animation is moving a little too fast - it takes your eyes away from the shuttle launch. Other than that great stuff!

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