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Thread: Debate with friend and need advice

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    Lightbulb Debate with friend and need advice

    I'm in a debate with my friend. Basically, we're both in a clan and we're making youtube videos for it. After many many goes and constant annoyance and scrutiny of my clips by him, I've decided to let you decide the flaws of the video.

    All you need to do is watch the video and tell me the flaws of it (if any), the good bits (if any) and your opinion about it and also anything else you wanna say about it. improvements and what not. Thanks!

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    Well, in my view it isn't bad, but it could do with a few improvements. I don't know how long you've been recording for but you could do with some more decent clips; the ones you've used don't really show much skill. Try getting a few triple/quad kills in there. Also, sometimes the kill feed is obscured by the motion blur you have used. While it might make the video look more exciting, many viewers will want to know how many people you've killed, and other things that are displayed there so making the killfeed hard to see is a bad idea. Also some clips that have been used are sped up and slowed down too much in one clip. This can be good for very dramatic moments but with the clips you have used it just makes the video a bit tedious. Apart from these small issues, I'd say that it was quite a good montage.

    Good luck with future editing and hope this post helped

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    Thanks for the advice. We'll take it into account. We're just gonna collab on 1 now playing to both our strengths, will post when done...

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