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    The title "Film look" is a little missleading in that it looks more cartoon than movie. Deliberatly taking out all the details in the blacks does this. It's impressive how software can change the look of things but it's not what I would call film look.

    In fact I think you could do to look at some real pictures of explosions and it's aftermath to so you can better duplicate them. Yours look very faules, the ground after the big explosion looks like cracked walls rather than what happens to soil after an explosion. There is too much camera shake etc....

    I don't want to put a big downer on you but there are so many videos like this that have been done better. If you want to improve your skills the first place to start is by looking at the real thing and observing all the elements so you can duplicate them.

    I'm speaking from the point of view of some one who has never been within a mile of AE so take my advice with a pinch of salt if you want.

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    Just all looks very plastic to me. Challenge oyuself to using the origional footage and sell the effects on that. Nice try though. The surreal effect on the clip would have been better put to use in a horror rather than a war piece.

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