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Thread: Moshi moshi stop-motion clip [need feedback]

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    Talking Moshi moshi stop-motion clip [need feedback]

    Hey everyone, basically we are a group of students who were given the task to make a film to introduce ourselves in an interesting video. We chose to do a stop-motion animation of us all.

    Please watch the video and critique it, we would really appreciated feedback on it.

    Moshi Greeting - YouTube


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    I like this one better than the first one you posted.

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    I liked the fact that you made it with stop-motion rather than digital animation as it gives the video a more organic feel.

    For my taste the frames were a bit too far apart. I know that it's a hell of a lot of work to increase the shot count but it's worth it.

    I suggest you look at the wonderful stop-frame film "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb" (1993) to see what can be done with the technique.

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    Agree with Midnight - this is superior to the first - presumably because there is a more easily identifiable "point" to teh video.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess the frame rate you have chosen is designed so that the changes sync exectly with each pulse of the music. That's fine, but it does become rather tiring after a few seconds, so I'd be inclined to go down Rob's suggessted route and increase the frame rate/no of shots.

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    to add to tim's comment, you can play around with the length off the stills at key changes in tempo, or on specific beats. This enables greater control than sticking with a constant beat / rate.

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