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Thread: video tretment on old vhs recording

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    Default video tretment on old vhs recording

    a friend of mine convert some VHS tapes using "macintod VHS to DVD Converter 3.0," which are in very poor condition in digital form, and now we should handle it in sony vegas but I not know work in this program so need help how to make a render of this video DVD 131041 0 - YouTube (it seems to me that the sound is bigger problem than the video)?

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    Do these VHS tapes play OK on a TV?
    VHS had two methods for recording sound- the stereo was included in the scanned analogue data. Also there was a linear-track that recorded mono - this would be a bit noisy and limited frequency BW.

    I don't think you should spend too long using a program you're not familiar with - results are likley to be below-par....IMHO.

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