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Thread: Advice on editing my first video

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    Default Advice on editing my first video

    Hello I want to make a fitness video of me working out to help get more clients through youtube (im a trainer). I just am lost in how to put back ground music in and also sub titles in after I video my workout. I wanted to do something similar to this video I posted bellow with the music in the back ground and sub titles at the beginning,
    thanks in advance

    Advanced Training Ideas You Won't See Anywhere Else! - YouTube

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    Why not try something different to this? The quality and style this video's been created isn't the greatest. If you aren't afraid of using your voice, why not talk about your fitness training in a fake interview instead? Make sure you use a low profile song (something that not everyone knows) and be sure you don't drain out your interview sound.
    Don't forget to film plenty of different shots when you record, and try to have someone else record for you so it doesn't look as still as the video you linked us to. Use your focus and zoom and cut between the workout and the interview footage

    For beginners I'd suggest looking at Windows Movie Maker > Adobe Premiere Elements > Final Cut Pro (That's the software I use, and have done in the past.) It's fairly straight forward once you know the basics.

    Good Luck
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    What editing software are you using ?

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    Thanks for the advice, I am thinking of using windows movie maker and the soundtrack " 300 violin orchestra", yeah like dblaynee mentioned im gonna use a lot of different unique drills and pick the ones that look the best for a quick 2.5-3.5 min video

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    You will find limitations in the number of tracks you can use with Windows Movie Maker. ie only one audio track. It's is to be honest not very good for video editing

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    what video editing software do you recommend that would be suitable for someone wit limited knowledge about computers??
    thanks in advance

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    Some like Sony Movie studio is very good for the price and you will get lots of help from the forum members if needed. There are tutorials that come with the software to get you started. I only recommend Sony because I use it and find it good. There are a lot of other editing programs that are also good at around 50.

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    Sony kit is very good value for money and easy to pick up for most people, Definitely one to go for!

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