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Thread: Best way to become a Video Editor and sites to put your short films on Help please ?

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    Cool Best way to become a Video Editor and sites to put your short films on Help please ?


    My name is Shane Gibson I'm 26 and currently doing my BA hons in Tv and film design first year and have chosen the career path of a Video editor, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what the best way to go about getting a career in this field i.e work experience ect. I also am in the process of writing a short film and would like the best advice in where i should put it online such as youtube or if there is any other websites i could put it on. Any advice good or bad would be welcomed thank you for your time.

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    Set up a dog-walking business.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist. You did say you'd welcome bad advice)

    Can't help with the how to get started business, but as to what websites to post your film on....

    You need to distinguish between sites which host your video (such as YouTube) and sites which link to films (such as this). What do you want from your posting? If it's reviews/feedback/comments, then there are a few sites around (such as this) which will often provide useful and honest feedback (as you're probably aware comments on YouTube are mostly irrelevant.

    If you're looking for site where you can link to your work and people are going to look at it and think "I'll give that chap a job (or work experience)" I suspect you will be disappointed.

    It's pretty much like any career out there, you have to keep knocking on doors, touting your work around until someone gives you the opportunity. I'm sure the pros here will say that any real-life work experience is worth more than your qualifications, but it's useful to be able to back up your experience with the latter. See if you can help out local video companies - even if it's for free. Maybe a wedding videographer would entrust you with editing some of the standard sections (where the house style might be pretty "boiler plate"). It may be mundane, but being able to put xxx months as an editor at xyz, and abc company on your CV will show potential employers that you have at least worked in a real-world production environment.

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    HI Shane,

    Video editing seems to be like Marmite. Which means there will pretty much always be work in this field.

    I think what you need to do is look at what kind of video editing or subject matter interests you go in that direction. If you're going to be obtaining work experience it always pays to be working on something that doesn't make you want to claw our your own eyes!

    Having access to good quality material for a showreel is a must and offering some of your time in exchange for the use of the source material for your reel is always a good trade off. Whilst it's all fine and good to have a mind blowing self promo clip on your reel it's also good to be able to back it up with some short completed pieces of work to show your skillz!

    With short films there are too many places willing to promote shorts these days to immediately assume Youtube is the be all and end all in terms of where it will end up-again this might depend on what kind of short film you're looking to make.

    There are so many competitions and festivals which you could take a short, may are free to enter and obviously you can pick and chose the ones that aren't. The other option is there are a few channels on SKY TV which are always looking for interesting content and whilst the channels i'm referring to won't pay for the content there is always the possibility of working in some kind of sponsorship/product placement type deal to help pay for it's production and obviously as seen on SKY TV is always a nice bit of blurb for the promotional material.

    Though if you are going to produce for Youtube it's a good idea to look at building a channel which is eligible for revenue partnership status or look for channels who will offer a percentage of the revenue for the video clip. That way if you can get a few million views for it you will get a cut of the inevitable PPC money.

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    hey what about your ambition now?have you been a good video editor now? i wish you you will be fine with your of luck

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