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    I made a video, it is 59seconds long, but somehow there is black screen for another 2hours wich made the video 30GB how can I delete the black screen? Ty

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    You could create a loop region and select render loop region only. This will then just render the area selected. OR have a look on your time line for a rouge piece of media about 2hrs along the time line.

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    Good advice from MB. You never know when the missus has dropped a little bit of her lipstick on the timeline. Sorry MB...couldn't resist. I'll go now!

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    It's a good point, as it is easy to have a bit of "almost nothing" some distance from the main events - should have tidied-up, but . . .
    I am surprised that you can't ask what length the video is, as this would be a confirmation is all in the bag, as it were. Moving the cursor to the end doesn't do it, Although using the >> arrow would include any "far-away" fragments.
    Unfortunately programmers don't think of such useful features - like warning you there are "fragments - and maybe even blanks, which has caused me grief, as I must have "turned-away" at about the same point several times and not noticed a few missing frames....Grr.

    Will tri harder, next year, honest.

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    It would be good to get some feedback from the OP. The free 'project inspector' plug-in would find any small fragments.

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    One other thought, on the advanced video tab of the custom render settings there is a tick box called "write sequence end code" this box should be ticked of programs like Windows media player gets confused about where the end of the video is.

    Just a thought.

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