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    Default New music video/short film

    Hi guys. I just completed a new music video/short film and would like some honest feedback. I am planning to submit to several festivals and would like to hear what the filmmaking community has to say about my work.

    youtube link:

    Thanks for checking it out.

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    This might just be the sort of thing some festivals might really go for. I found it intriguing in a strange way. I found I got hooked by watching the wobbly bits in slow mo, then found you have to watch it to the end to see what she was trying to tell people.

    I was a bit disappointed that the end wasn't a little bit surreal like there was a giant fish or something.
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    Really enjoyed that. Full of great characters. My only dissappointment was that the end (no spoiler) looked rather too fake.

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    yeah i agree with Tim. The characters were great and I thought it was really funny... Up until the end. Try looking into Andrew Kramer and Video Co-Pilot (they're the same thing). He does some great tutorials on creating a half decent explosion, smoke, sky replacement etc! Well done, cinematography was great!

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