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Thread: 10 people 10 fears, we need feedback!

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    Wink 10 people 10 fears, we need feedback!

    ten student at leeds college of art have created a video together based on introducing ourselves to the viewers. we chose to use our fears as a way of doing this. is it done in one shot and no editing. please give us feedback! we would appreciate any comments a lot. thank you!

    10 People 10 Fears - YouTube

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    I don't get why ?

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    I'm sure itv was a great bonding exercise and looked like good fun. But, like Midnight, I fail to see the need to impose the result on the rest of us.
    I also fail to see the need to spam it in someone else's thread. I've removed it.

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    Is this some sort of art film?

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    Can't be, I didn't notice any beards.

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    1) Use a Tripod, It will make the quality of the video fly up into the sky when you see the difference one can make!
    2) I can see how it's trying to be original but I did not find it engaging. Was there a reason why you had to shoot it all in one take? Maybe shoot different takes from different angles then chop it together to make it visually more interesting!
    3) As a story, Was there a second message you wanted to get across? The only idea I got from it was "This person is afraid of being attacked" "This person is afraid of bugs" "This person is afraid of feathers" -

    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Can't be, I didn't notice any beards.

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    We had a rubbish video posted here and, quite rightly, it got criticised. Whereupon the videomaker started whining that he was an artist and that we knew nothing about art, video or film. His film contained a lot of young men who either had whispy beards, were trying to grow a beard or (unbelievably) had a beard with a shaved top lip.

    So, we came to the conclusion that poorly made videos were art if they contained beards.

    This video is poorly made but doesn't have beards so, it's nor art, just a rubbish video.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrandt Rob View Post
    Now wait a second, Let me qualify my post!

    My statement was an attempt to highlight to the OP "why" he has been criticised, I apologise if you took insult to my post but tI would hope that you could refrain from cursing at me

    My post was not made to rub people up the wrong way, Simply to give feedback! I'm sorry that the OP decided to react defensively, I can assure you my intention in the post was not to condone his behaviour.

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    Ooops, Bpotter, I'm sorry that I got your name wrong, it was unintentional.

    My reply was in answer to your 'huh?" about the in-joke about beards.

    FYI, The "artist" who answered aggressively about his film with beards, has nothing to do with this thread. Your advice to this poster was spot on.

    It is just us being childish by pricking art bubbles with comments about beards.

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