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Thread: Visions of Heaven by Reynolds Brothers

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    Simon and I have just finished production of an online advert promoting an exhibition, being held at The Bristol Gallery from Friday, entitled "Visions of Heaven', featuring David Malin's pioneering astrophotography.

    The aim was create an advert that felt almost like a movie trailer, with the use CGI and SFX serving as enhancements to David Malin's phenomenal photographs. It's worth mentioning that the turn-around for this production was less than two weeks. This included the original edit in FCP, then the grade and finally onto CGI and final mixing. We would have to loved to spend more time perfecting it but are happy with the end result.

    Please take a look and we'd love to hear your comments.

    Matt Reynolds
    Reynolds Brothers
    Reynolds Brothers - Music Video

    Heavenly Discourses
    Astronomical photographs from David Malin Images

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    I liked the animation work but didn't think the jerky transitions belong in a piece like this, it's not a music video. May be I'm old fashioned but they didn't seem fitting. I would just use standard fades and cuts. Over all the piece is ok but not stunning. It also seems to long for it's purpose.
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