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    Hey guys, I finished my A levels a few months ago and i studied A level media studies there, however it didnt really help with what i reeeally want to do in life, we made a few short films/trailers but thats about 3-4 during the 2 years, so now i'm sat at home with my thumb up my butt and wondering where i can go next.. i would like to gain more experience and learn more things as this is something i really aspire to do in the future, however i don't know any contacts which is crucial in this trade, and therefore wondering if anyone can give me some real good advice or point me in the right direction? i'm happy to listen and talk..

    My email is

    if you would like to contact me directly,

    kind regards!

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    Try, find a nearby business and ask if you can help FOC to get experience to move on.

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    Thats great Cheema! I'll check that out now, may i ask what FOC is?

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