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    I'm using Roxio to produce DVDs of my video collection and have got myself a little confused.

    When finally rendering a production to the correct format, I have 2 main options

    a) To use the auto selection: e,g, If i choose 'DVD authoring' and 'Best Quality', ROXIO will select an appropriate file format.
    b) To select the file format myself from a list of around 40.

    I have realised that once I have used the autoselection option I can then go back to the 'Show All' option to see whiuch format ROXIO choose for me. This way I have managed to prodice a matrix of which file format is suggested for which application.

    Now for DVD authoring ROXIO Suggests

    Best Quality : MPEG 2 720 x 527, 9mb/s, 29.7 fps
    Good Quality: MPEG 2 720 x 527, 8mb/s, 25 fps
    Medium Quality: MPEG 2 720 x 527, 7mb/s, 25 fps

    I have noticeed from my matrix that 29.7 frames per sceond only seems to appear with NTSC formats and I have found another option which gives 720x 527 9mb/s, 25fps, but it isnt linked to any auto selection. Should I be using this one for a PAL system ?

    One last question, when I then add the rendered file to the DVD builder, it asks if the file is to be PAL or NTSC, whould this result in the DVD builder modifying the fps to suit automatically ?


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    25fps is for pal content, yes.

    If you can, choose 2-pass VBR.
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