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Thread: Need help with video clean up to catch a vandal

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    Default Need help with video clean up to catch a vandal

    Hey guys, I'm hoping I came to the right place for this.

    Recently someone keyed my car (image below) and my apartment complex got video footage of the incident. Because they're cheap the quality is horrible and recovering his face is probably not possible, however there is a license plate of a related car. If you can recover the plate, I'll give you $200, and if you can pull off a miracle and recover the guy's face, I'll give you an additional $500. If these prices are low, let me know and I will raise them. My deductible is only $250 so this isn't about money, this is about tagging this guy for what he did.

    If you're interested, let me know and I'll get copies of the videos to you.

    Damage to my car:

    IMG_9030 by Mike, on Flickr

    Video snapshot of the plate:

    badcar by Mike, on Flickr

    Video snapshot of the culprit (wee itty bitty in the top left corner, yeah I know it probably is impossible):

    asshole by Mike, on Flickr

    Thanks guys,

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    I'd do it for free if I thought it would help but the quality is too poor to be able to clean this up. The information has to be in the image to be able to extract it and these examples show it just isn't there.


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