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Thread: Lunatic - Awesome trailer!

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    Default Lunatic - Awesome trailer!

    Here's this trailer I've been working on with friends for the past year or so. We're looking for funding to get the feature film made!

    Lunatic Trailer - YouTube
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    Looks like it's already made judging by the trailer.

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    Haha no we need a budget to make it look way better!

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    I love horrors and this looks right up my street,mate hope you get it made.i am luvvin it..

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    Wow that was really, really well done. I am surprised you could get a girl to be topless for a trailer that you hope you can get a budget for! What camera and editing software did you use?

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    I thought visually it was very good, but I think you need to pay more attention to the sound. I think it's just the mix, but the voices didn't always sound like they came from the people speaking the lines. The ambience sounded wrong, if you get what I mean.

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