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    Hey guys, just wanted to share FIRST TASTE with you. It's for a contest we shot for 2 weekends ago. A few notes, the film was a different kind of film and the theme isn't one I really liked in the first place, but it's always good to try something new.
    I do hope you guys enjoy it!

    First Taste (2011) - A Short Film [ By F.C.Rabbath ] - YouTube

    Screenshots below.

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    Hey,great work with this short film ! I was really impressed by the cinematography, the girl played kinda of fake , but you can defenatley see that this movie was made with passion and love ! What camera and lenses did you used to shot it ?

    Alex Angelov

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    Thanks for watching! Used a canon 5d and a 24-105mm l series lens from canon.

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    Again Fred, a very nicely shot movie. I liked the opening tilt down from the titles showed some good thought went into the shots. The only thing I can think the crit is it would have been good to see a focus pull at 6:24 to get the reaction of the vamp wife. Not sure if the smoke was a little to much or not.

    Good sound in this movie as well.

    Great job.

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    Thanks guys! Link has been fixed. Sorry for the error!

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