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    Hi everyone!

    As this is my first post, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Joe, I'm a student at Staffordshire University, studying Music Technology with Film Production.

    Last year, we had a kind of guest lecturer/helper in, who used to go to the uni, and he gave a lecture on a film he'd made of an old BMX pro, from the Matt Hoffman days. I loved it because it's just what I'm into.

    My question is this;

    As he didn't really have any footage of the guy in action, he found pictures of him in old BMX mags, scanned them and cut them up in PS, brought them into whatever editing software he used, and key framed each part of the image (background, BMXer, foreground etc) to make it look like it was actually a piece of super slow mo footage.

    What is this technique called, and does anyone know of a tutorial (video or otherwise), that you can point me in the direction of, online? I guess it's kind of like a Ken Burns effect, but I'm not sure whether there's anything more specific to describe it.


    And again, Hello!

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    It's called the Ken Burns effect.

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    Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear enough... I'm not so intrigued with the name... more with the technique, and how to do that specific effect I mentioned.

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    It's best to go to youtube and search for a tutorial of how to do it with the editing software you have.

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    It's a rather easy (but time consuming) effect in which you make a number of layers and adjust the movement of each layer separately.

    As midnight says, in the last few years it has become known as the Ken Burns effect, although it was first used in television by the god of rostrum camerawork Ken Morse.

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