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Thread: so who is getting vegas6?

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    Default so who is getting vegas6?

    got an email yesterday from sony offering me vegas6 for a good deal. wondering how many of you are getting it?
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    Default re:so who is getting vegas6?

    If anyone is thinking about it , they should really check out the vegas forums over at Sony's Website. It's gotten a very mixed reaction over there.

    Seems to support HD a bit better, and with dual-processor rendering, it's supposed to be faster in that dept.

    Personally. I don't have a dual processor, or a reason to render to HD (yet), so probably not worth it to me.

    I haven't heard anything good or bad about DVDA 3, either.


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    A definate for me. At last I will be able to full screen preview my output to another monitor without using firewire. HEAVEN!

    The DVDA seems to have copy protection built in too.

    Well worth the upgrade price I think.

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