I've had an XM2 on loan for a while, it's been a great piece of kit for me and I've added a wired lav mic and wired shotgun mic to the setup yeilding some great (I think) results. Now my mate needs the camera back so I'm reluctantly having to buy a replacement. I'll have to buy 2nd hand as I have only about 1,000 to spend. I want HD with a mic jack, ideally XLR. I shoot corporate shorts, sometimes cover bike races and combat sports and I'd love to start doing wildlife films, including maybe shooting at night. It's pointing towards Sony isn't it?

Oh, I also own two Canon SLRs but neither do video. However, this does mean I have a selection of lenses which could be pressed into service if I went the DSLR route. I have been told that the sound is pretty naff with a DSLR though. Plus, I've a feeling that the whole narrow DOF thing is going to become so overdone soon that it looks dated - just my opinion.

Any advice, most welcome.