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Thread: How to convert old super 8mm films into DVD ....

  1. Default How to convert old super 8mm films into DVD ....

    Hello again,

    I have some old super 8 films (not camcorder but the one you need a projector) that I would like to convert into DVD
    I have no intention to go through a profesional, it is far too expensive and I am no longer in possession of a projector.
    I was wondering if there was another way to do it. I was thinking of a type of box inside which I could put the film, like the old music recorder that use bands, not tapes. is such a thing exists ?

    Thanks for your help

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    There's only one good way to do it and that's with a projector. You'll pick one up for 20/30 and then film the image projected onto a white wall/screen. Adjust the frame rate until it's flicker free, capture and convert to DVD. Most everyone has a quick and dirty video editor/DVD creator on their pc. Once you master the basics then you could convert other peoples super 8 too . . . and you will by then realise why the costs for this time demanding task are so high.
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