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Thread: Samplitude 11 and MIDI-in

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    Default Samplitude 11 and MIDI-in

    Samplitude appears to be a complex piece of software, with rather too many features for a newbie, although I've managed OK with mic-in and Line-in audio. (as per the Tutorial)
    However, what I want to use is MIDI. That way I hope (yep!) to lay down a collection of tracks to create copyright-free music. (yeap I know!)....
    Nevertheless I'm having great difficulty in getting MIDI into this package

    What I've done
    My MIDI Keyboard and a MIDI-USB adaptor works OK - with "Evolution", on the same PC I can playback either through the PC or the Keyboard. Therefore I'm confident my MIDI bit are working OK.

    Tried YouTube Tutorials, but these also assume Samplitude is all working, and most are for a different versions, having altered set-up boxes.

    What I can't do
    Basically, I can't get MIDI into Samplitude, and the Help-manual (nearly 400pp) only defines menus, buttons and Words - there appears to be no method of inspecting* the MIDI-in-out. Unfortunately the Tutorial ignores MIDI-connections, rather assuming it is connected correctly -

    H E L P

    * It would be nice if there was a simple built-in test-tune, maybe using a harp-sound playing a simple melody - this would make sure the output was correct while selecting the correct GM-instrument.
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    Have you looked at the tutorials on the Samplitude website.

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    Default Magix own Tutorials

    I thought I'd give them a go, but
    #1 "VST and MIDI" is too quiet and discusses VST and then MIDI - I got lost trying to listen over the PC fan-noise.
    #2 "MIDI kick-drum triggering" is plenty loud enough if it wern't for the drummer playinga full whack. Surely an "Audio" business knows to put music on one channel and the speech on another, that way a better balance might be struck? Except all we have in Windows is an attenuator vol cobntrol, without boost.

    So, until I build myself a Super-pre-amp for the "rather quiet" Tutorials (like 70% on YouTube), I'm unable to discover if Magix can help.
    If it follows the Tutorial in the "Manual" it will gloss-over the actual connecting bit....odd though, that MIDI works OK on the same PC, using Evolution - but that has its own limitations. Although I did manage a five-part (Schubert)Trout rendition, starting with the violin as leader....hard work.

    Samplitude has rather too many opions crammed into a track-box about the size of a postage stamp. I've been all-over the prog settings, but still no MIDI.
    I recall the "Demo" tune did playback using the MIDI-keyboard, but trying to get out of Demo-mode took me quite some time, so I steer clear.
    Samplitude 11 silver, has a "trap" that wants you to upgrade, with a serial number - but there is no return once that box appears the only cure is Exit....I really don't need 16-tracks.

    Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Had some success, but it's far from easy as the Keyboard needs "Local" to be "Off" otherwise you get an echo of sorts.

    I have stopped using the Samplitude until I can look into it at a single sitting. Don't know when.

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