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Thread: My showreel - need feedback

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    Default My showreel - need feedback

    I have just made my first showreel,despite that i am a video editor from 4 years,but the crisis is pushing me to move from Bulgaria,and start working.. maybe in UK. Anyways , for my future clients i have made this showreel ,which contains various of videos that i have edited over the past 1 year. I would apriciate feedback and comments

    Video editor showreel - Alex Angelov - YouTube

    P.S. with this quality of working, do i have any chances to relocate in UK and have a nice job as a video editor ?
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    While this showreel shows off your talents well it is too long for a show reel. I think you be better off splitting it up into seperate videos for each section.

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    Put bluntly... no.

    You're not a bad editor but I wouldn't risk moving country until you can tidy your editing up. Anyone can edit with effects and music, the skill is to do it such that the images work. Yours are not bad but the compositions aren't good enough to have producers screaming for you to work for them. You would be one of a thousand hopefulls here.
    The fact that your showreel needs a lot of tightening and tweaking shows that you still have a lot to learn as an editor.

    You are far better staying where you have paid work and learning to work fast and sure. Good luck and I hope you make it.

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    I think I need to study Bulgarian female hip hop artists a bit more.... and get my car washed

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    I watched it all with great interest. A strange mix of ulra modern and 80s style filming and editing.
    For anyone to succeed in the big bad media world, especially in a recession we all need to try to have a unique style that will be in demand and pay the bills. Looking at your showreel and you don't say who filmed it, it's a very broad mix of styles that, as RR says, most editors could have done and anyone wanting editing done for them could take their pick from 100s of similar editors.
    You have obviously got the edit/AE skills, so before moving countries try to work out a defining 'look' to your work.
    It's not easy, but look at past masters like Hitchcock/Speilberg/Scorcese etc. I know these guys are directors not editors, but they would have required a certain 'look' or 'feel' to the edit before it left the building. So many editors think that it's a great choice of music track that defines their style. It can add elements of taste to a scene, but it's nowhere near as exciting as slotting scenes together in a certain way that ends up with a sum greater than its parts. (hope you're still with me) It will then end up with a life of its own and cutting some great music to the edit will enhance the extraordinary.
    It may seem obvious to those that already have their own editing style and the demand for it, but for anyone starting out, especially as purely an editor, then a distinct style is a must.
    If it's an attractive style for the genre of work you're interested in, the work should then follow and build. Once it has, then you can be based anywhere as the work will follow you and not the other way round
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    i'm no expert, but part 3 was pretty rough.
    car wash scenes are almost porno material!

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    It didn't take long to realise you were Bulgarian. The Black Sea wording gave it away. I am impressed that you have a command of English good enough to edit. The mistake you made is not introducing the show reel and giving a teaser of what is on offer rather than showing us the fitness first. Good though, I enjoyed it and realised some of the editing I had done experimenting you have also done... however I am no where as good as you!!!!.

    If you are looking to work in the UK I would recommend you get a job doing anything then find a way into the media business from there. We are all in the same boat and whilst I want to be an editor I can only expect possibly to find contacts thorugh friends and opportunities. London has the production houses that do advertise work for editors but be prepared to use programmes like Final Cut pro as well.... Lincolnshire Norfolk and Cambrigeshire have the sort of work immigrants are offered working on the land and in packing houses so if you do leave your country in search of work in Europe then I wish you good luck. We have many Polish and Lithuanians living on our steet..

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