Hello to everyone,
I am Alex and i am a video editor,specialised in working with Sony Vegas,Adobe premiere and Adobe After Effects.
In terms of the crisis in Bulgaria,from where i am and the fact that there is barely no work here,i am seeking opportunities to move to UK or work for UK clients from distance as a freelancer.

Little more for me : I am 20 years old,working as a video editor and camera operator from 4 years. I am editing various of videos: music clips,TV spots and intros, documentaries,impressions,highlights,corporate videos etc. I belive that i am fluent in English

here is my showreel that i`ve just made, now i think of hundreds of more videos that i wished to include,but anyways

Video editor showreel - Alex Angelov - YouTube

And my regular youtube channel is : alexDimitro's Channel - YouTube

I would apriciate commenting the videos as well.

You can reach me @ email alex02(at)abv.bg or skype : sharky_24