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Thread: Music Documentary. Feedback wanted.

  1. Default Music Documentary. Feedback wanted.

    Hi All. Ive just uploaded a second edit of a music doc ive been working on.

    I'd really appreciate some feedback on it if anyone can spare 35 minutes.

    password is: 2ndedit

    The B Goodes: Brown Trousers

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    I managed to watch 8 mins, but got bored. I am not an expert, but I thought many of the shots looked out of focus and with little colour. I am not sure there were any advantages including language. Shots of the computer monitor looked poor (due to the screen refresh rate and the camera's frame rate). Although I did not watch it all, I am wondering whether the entire 'documentary' might have been better done in a 10 minute clip.
    I accept that the clips are probably more of interest to themselves, families, friends and fans. I feel sure they loved watching it; but perhaps then - only once.
    However, I look forward to seeing a third edit.

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    I got through about 20 minutes of it before I gave up. The main problem is the sound, it is very poor in places.

    If you are a fan of the band, I can see that it may be entertaining to see them fooling around but over half an hour is far to much for most people. The editing is also frustrating in that they set up at a gig are just about to start playing and then you cut to something else. this happend a few times. It might be a good idea to have a section of them playing near the begining so people can sample who the band are. I remember the "Not in the Room" song from a previouse video and liked the song. A documentry about a band should have lots of music in it.

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    Cheers for the feedback. Sound will hopefully be more consistent in the 3rd edit. May be I do need to put a little more music at the start although the cut from Latitude to their first gig was clearly a creative choice and I stick by it. If you watch the whole doc the song they are adjusting in the studio is their first at Latitude so it comes round full circle.

    Genuinely thankful for your feedback but I think may be you are all of the wrong demographic. I appreciate watching a some people mess about isnt to everyone's taste but theyre not idiots.

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