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Thread: Sony DVD Architect - How to update assets

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    Default Sony DVD Architect - How to update assets

    Hello everyone,

    I create a simple DVD project using Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.0, with some menus and MPG files. Later I reprocessed some of MPGs (using Premiere) and the length of some files where changed. For my surprise, when I reopened DVD Architect to rebuild the DVD, the file lengths were not updated.
    I searched everywhere for an "update assets" or similar function, however did find any. The only way I managed to rebuild the DVD with the correct video lengths was to actually remove all video files from the project (all links just broke), add everything back in and manually re-link everything.
    Is there a "cleaner" way to update the assets?

    Thank you,


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    I'm working in 5.2, but should be similar.

    1. Double click the media event in the Project Overview window.

    2. In the Properties window click the Track Media button.

    3. Select the Video drop down box and select Replace ...

    4. Navigate to your updated file (yes even if it is the same name)

    5. Bear in mind that you may well have to replace the audio as well.

    I can't find any Global replace or refresh, but at least the above method will keep your menus and links intact.

    Hope that helps a little.
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    If the new media is longer / shorter - check the media in the timeline - you may have to adjust the end point.

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    Default Global update...


    Thank you for the tips. Still a very ugly solution, but it is better than removing the media and adding it back again. The only problem is (as in my case) when you have multiple links in multiple places pointing to the same media. It is easy to forget to update... Also, how do you update playlists? I had to remove the media from the playlist, add it back and scroll up/down to the proper place...

    I wonder why DA does not have this "global update" function. Am I the only person ever that had to reprocess a video segment and it changed length? Is this so unusual?


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