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Thread: Canon rebel t3i footage + After effects cs4/cs5 Premiere cs4/cs5 Editing

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    Question Canon rebel t3i footage + After effects cs4/cs5 Premiere cs4/cs5 Editing

    Hello everyone,

    Until now I was editing sd footage on my p4 Desktop pc and then on dual core acer aspire 8730 laptop.
    Everything was fine until i got a hd cam and that point it was a nightmare. Sony vegas 10 pro helped
    a lot but it was still good only for simple editing of footage. Everything else lags like hell.

    Being on strict budget looking for cheap desktop pc that would be able to edit in premiere and after effects footage from my dslr canon rebel t3i. I havent build a desktop pc for about 10 years so doing it on my own is not an option.

    But here is what i found VIBOX SATURN X1 - INTEL CORE i7 QUAD PROCESSOR 2TB 16GB RAM DESKTOP PC COMPUTER | eBay. the processor i7 2600 should be enough
    2. motherboard is good budget motherboard to support 2nd gen processors
    3.16 gb of ram will be really useful for Adobe software
    4. 2 tb well it could be even less ( have few external hdd ) but there is never to much space
    5. integrated video card ( don't really need this )will add a new graphics card later to PCI Express x16 2.0 slot

    Will this be enough to work with, i do not make a living of it its just something i like to do in free time for my self and my friends and family.


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    Hi ebax911,

    The system on Ebay is very good. but After reading your last sentence. I thuoght, this might be too much of the good side.

    First this system is pretty much High end. so maybe you could spend less and go for I5 2500 proccessor.
    basicly these are some guide lines:

    Processor: i5 2300 is already a Giant improvement from a P4. even an i3 would the job very well.
    Ram: 8 GB wil be enough. 16GB is like what TV editors use.
    Motherboard: als long als its a H67/P67/Z68 Chipset. and Brand names Asus/Gigabyte & MSI are a safe bet.
    Harddrive: Try to find a System with at least 2 Hard drives. 1: Windows 2:Editing space. (I personal have 3 = 1:Windows, 2:capture Drive, 3:Final edit Drive)

    Hope this helps......

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    Might be random but the new Ivy Bridge Third Gen iSeries proccesors from Intel will be out in four months and I heard they will be cheaper and better. You might be able to wait if you haven't bought anything yet.

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